Do you want to learn blues and jazz piano?

  • Do you want to play blues or jazz piano and don’t know where to start?

  • Have you tried videos on YouTube but you get overwhelmed?

  • Do you want to follow a clear and structured path so you know exactly what to do next?

  • Do you want to learn cool licks and riffs with lessons showing you how to use them?

  • Do you want to learn to play different styles in the jazz and blues genre?

  • Do you want to study with a professional jazz pianist, composer and educator?



CLASSICAL TO JAZZ PIANO CAN HELP you master blues and jazz

We now have thousands of students worldwide of all ages and levels working towards mastering blues and jazz piano. There are two ways you can learn here, our free lessons or ‘deep-dive’ courses. You will learn how to play solo piano and also how to play with an ensemble.

  • FREE step-by-step guided VIDEO LESSONS with downloadable pdfs

  • step-by-step GUIDED COURSES which ‘deep-dive’ into a jazz standard



Our free lessons catalog is growing steadily with each lesson covering a specific topic or area of piano playing. You will learn in a structured and easy to understand way with your next steps to progress made clear so you know exactly what to work on. We will cover a wide range of genres and styles.


step-by-step courses


For students who want to take a deep-dive into a particular blues or jazz standard we sell in-depth guided courses using the exact method I use in my one-on-one classes, workshops and ensembles.

Each course has 10 to 20 individual lessons where you are shown exactly what to play in step-by-step video lessons. The lessons are written out note-for-note and everything covered is provided to you as downloadable sheet music pdf. You will learn how to play each standard for solo piano and also how to play it with an ensemble.


latest course:

Deep-Dive into Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man in 20 Video Lessons with Greg Lloyd


meet your teacher

Greg Lloyd

Greg Lloyd is an Australian professional jazz pianist, composer and educator with a B.Mus. in Jazz Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium and Australian National University. For 25 years Greg has been helping aspiring musicians learn blues and jazz.

Greg is known for his engaging and supportive style of teaching, his humour and his ability to teach complex harmony and musical theory 'by stealth'. His unique method has helped thousands of students to master jazz and blues piano with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians.

Greg delights in passing on his deep knowledge and love for the music, can unlock the secrets of developing a great sound, and can even teach that most elusive of elements: “the groove”.
— Rob, Gleanageary, Co. Dublin


Can you already read a little music?

Do you want to become the piano player you’ve always dreamed of being?

Do you want to follow a step-by-step method where you always know what to do next?

I can’t wait to get started teaching you with a proven method of learning blues and jazz piano I’ve seen work for thousands of my students worldwide, with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians. Developed over 25 years as a professional educator and performer, this is the exact method I use in my classes, workshops and ensembles.

  • Achieve your dream of playing blues and jazz with step-by-step guided lessons and become the musician you’ve always wanted to be

  • Learn the secrets and techniques used by professionals in a simple, easy-to-understand, practical way that is also fun

  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls and accelerate your learning

  • Get all the tips and tricks picked up over 25 years as a professional teacher and performer

  • Learn how to play blues & jazz using a unique method that will give you a fresh perspective on music and the piano

Although the lessons here are for piano, there is something here for anyone who would like to understand music theory, no matter what your instrument. Classical To Jazz Piano is not for complete beginners but rather for students who can already read a little music.

Students of all ages are welcome!

4-Note Chord Voicings - small.png

A unique teaching method

This proven piano method will cut years off your practice time. You will learn all the 'secrets' I really wish I had at the beginning of my own blues and jazz journey!

Join thousands of students worldwide who are using our lessons & courses. Follow a clear and structured method to achieve your dream of playing blues and jazz piano!



  • know exactly what to do next using a clear and structured step-by-step path with guided video lessons and downloadable sheet music

  • Learn how to play for both solo piano and also how to work with an ensemble

My greatest pleasure is seeing how much music helps my students and the joy it brings. This is what drives me.
— Greg Lloyd

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  • Piano technique

  • Triads & Inversions

  • 4-Note Chords & Inversions

  • Chord Extensions

  • Scales and Modes

  • How to use the Modes off the major and minor scales

  • Diatonic Chords in all 12 Keys

  • Rhythm exercises

  • What rhythm changes are and how to play them

  • Professional jazz voicings

  • Walking bass lines

  • Swing

  • Swing eighth-notes

  • What comping is and how to comp

  • Blues harmony, rhythm and melody

  • Authentic bass lines and left-hand patterns

  • Professional chord voicings

  • Blues scales

  • Cool licks and riffs with lessons teaching you how to use them

  • How to play a 12-Bar Blues

  • Triads

  • Sixth chords

  • Seventh chords

  • Ninth and thirteenth chords

  • Minor and diminished chords

  • Pentatonic scales

  • Jazz harmony

  • Improvisation