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Join thousands of students worldwide who are using our lessons & courses. Follow a step-by-step proven method to achieve your dream of playing blues and jazz piano!
— Greg Lloyd, Professional Pianist, Composer and Educator, Founder of Classical To Jazz Piano

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a unique teaching method

Follow a unique step-by-step teaching method which has enabled thousands of students worldwide to master jazz and blues piano, with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians. Developed over my 25 years as a professional educator and performer, this is the exact method I use in my classes, workshops and ensembles.

You will know exactly what to do next to progress using a clear and structured path with video lessons and downloadable sheet music and you will learn how to play for solo piano and also how to play with an ensemble. Take a look at our latest course below.



Deep-Dive into Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man in 20 Video Lessons with Greg Lloyd


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Greg Lloyd is an Australian professional jazz pianist, composer and educator with a B.Mus. in Jazz Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium and Australian National University. For 25 years Greg has been helping aspiring musicians learn blues and jazz.

Greg is known for his engaging and supportive style of teaching, his humour and his ability to teach complex harmony and musical theory 'by stealth'. His unique method has helped thousands of students to master jazz and blues piano with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians.


I’ve had the great fortune to be a student of Greg Lloyd’s for the past few years, during which time he has brought my piano playing to a level I didn’t think possible. Greg does more than just teach the technical aspects of jazz/blues/funk piano. He delights in passing on his deep knowledge and love for the music, can unlock the secrets of developing a great sound, and can even teach that most elusive of elements: “the groove”.
— Rob, Gleanageary, Co. Dublin
Learning improvisation as a discipline, an exploration and pure fun.
A revelation... the lessons are always exciting and creative, the highlight of my week. I can reassure even the most daunted among you used only to playing “music written down”, Greg has come up with a system that is accessible, meticulous and pure fun.Greg wishes he had been taught this way, but was not, but you can be. Get learning and improvising!
— Jem Golden, Dublin, Ireland