8 'Jazzy' Nursery Rhymes For Solo Piano


8 'Jazzy' Nursery Rhymes For Solo Piano

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8 nursery rhymes with 2 versions, an easy version and a harder version. The harder version also includes a written solo improvisation.

Includes mp3 recordings of all arrangements to help you learn.

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List of Nursery Rhymes:

Baa Baa Black Sheep – Medium Swing

Hush Little Baby – Country

Itsy Bitsy Spider – New Orleans Feel

London Bridge – Honky Tonk Feel

Mary Had a Little Lamb – Bossa Nova

Rock a Bye Baby – 6/8 Feel

This Old Man – Medium Swing

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Latin – with Cuban introduction

The songs with the words ‘little adult’ under the title in the ebook are for beginners and the younger age group. The songs with ‘big kid’ under the title are for the more advanced pianist, adults who are really just big kids : )

The easier versions aim to get younger children interested in the piano through songs they know. The harder versions are to play with your child – these versions are a little more ‘funky’ and you can encourage your child to sing or dance along and get them involved. My younger students love to learn a piece together with me and having an easier version they can play really motivates them.

The harder versions include a solo arrangement to help more advanced pianists understand blues and jazz a little better. Each arrangement is written in a different style including one which is bluesy, another which is jazzier and a bossa nova.

LISTEN TO ‘This Old Man’


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